Andrew Phan
Andrew Phan,  a Chicago native,  has been dancing for 5 years. He got his start in high school with break-dancing,
then soon found a love for dancing through the Niles West Orchesis Dance Company.

Although naturally gifted and incredibly talented, Andrew has trained in Hip-Hop and Break-dancing. He currently
dances with Nonstop Dance Production, but has trained with Fia Modern and Dance 2XS.

Andrew's talents have not only brought him across the country traveling and  teaching workshops, but have blessed
him with opportunities to work with MTV on the ABDC Chicago Tour and to work with numerous Chicago artist on
music videos.

Pro Dance Elite is proud to list  Andrew as an addition to our master instructors. He is truly an inspiration to young
dancers everywhere.

For more information contact [email protected]

Andrew's Bio is short and sweet.  Let a few of his videos speak for themselves.
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ClassesCompetitive Dance Teams
Andrew will be working with our  Senior  Level Hip Hop team ,  A-Town  BBoyz, and PDE's Elite Team  as well
as  teaching master level Hip Hop classes.