Junior Co-Ed Performance Team Information
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Performance Company Requirements

The following are the required technique for the Juniors Company Dancers for our upcoming 201
season  All dancers current and new are invited to participate in the evaluation/placement process.  As we
move forward with each of the teams and levels additional rules, regulations, and guidelines will be set for
the upcoming year.

Added requirements, classes, competitions, and performances will make this upcoming year an even bigger
success, as we set the bar higher and push forward to bigger goals.   

The Junior & Silver company team in 201
7-18 will compete at 2-3 competitions and be included in 2-3
performances plus Holiday Showcase and Annual Showcase.  Costumes and Competition Fees are Additional
and not included in monthly team fees.  Dancers will compete Hip Hop and Poms or Jazz.  

Dancers ARE be required to take additional technique and/or ballet class.

Evaluation Criteria:
(These are items that instructors will be looking for  in dancers)

        Performance of Choreography
        Memory and Retention of Choreography
        Sharpness and Intensity of Movements
        Technique Including but not limited to:
o        Double Turn
o        Turns – Parallel and Turned Out
o        Leaps (Right and Left and Center)
o        Splits All
o        Reverse Leaps
o        Calypso/Capezios
o        Toe Touch
o        Chaines/Piquettes/Chasse
o        Kicks (Develop & Battement)
o        Fundamentals of Switch Leaps
o        Fundamentals of Tilts
o        Elephants
o        Tripod
o        Headstands
o        Six Step

Dancers will have the opportunity to re-evaluate for higher placement in August 2013 and January 2014.