Kris A.K. Santiago
A.K. of Chicago Tribe Dance Crew.

Kris "A.K." Santiago, 24 years old, has been dancing for 10 years, self trained in B-Boying and house dancing,  
A.K. has been a member of the legendary Chicago Tribe Crew since 2002. A.K. has performed for various artists
and events including Ryhmefest, Carnival Cruise Lines(Carnival Glory & Carnival Ecstasy), Lollapalooza, Men's
Health Magazine Urbanathalon, Chicago Bulls Half-time show, Macy's Glamorama Fashion show and many
others.  He's also an active member in the Chicago B-Boy Community and has battled throughout the nation
including some of these battles. Master the Art, I.B.E USA, Freestyle Session and City Vs City.

Amazing to watch and incredible to learn from, Kris has travelled the country performing.  Pro Dance Elite
welcomes his hard hitting urban style.  His workshops and classes are not to be missed!!!  Learn B-Boying and
house dancing straight from the best!!

-A.K.'s Next PDE Workshop - Sign Up Quickly/Pre-Registration Required
July 10th Break-Dancing and Hip Hop Workshop
Open to Boys and Girls 9 and older
Learn how to break dance with one of the our very own Chicago BBoyz
Kris '"A.K." Santiago.  Amazing to watch and incredible to learn from, Kris has travelled the country performing
including the City vs. City challenge in June 2010 and America’s Best Dance Crew.  This is an amazing
opportunity to learn true street Break-Dancing from an outstanding instructor!!!
Hip Hop Break out session will also be included taught by our very own PDE Master Instructors.
Cost $20 for workshop/$15 for PDE Registered Dancers
Pre-Registration is Required

A.K.'s workshop will teach you everything from Foundation to Battle tactics of B-Boying/Breakdancing.  
Remember Break-dancing is an extreme dance, and you always want to be safe, proper attire should be worn
during the workshop. Clothes that you can dance in and gym shoes. The following is optional but is
recommended if you have wrist problems, knee problems, or any joint problems. wrist brace, knee pads and
elbow pads if available to you and a beanie/skullcap.

Workshop outline

This focuses on the different stretching and warm up techniques that A.K. himself does before practicing, B-
Boying is an extreme dance form and proper stretching and warming up of the body helps prevent injuries.

Foundations of B-Boying
This part of the Workshop covers the foundation of B-Boying, from toprock, go-downs, downrock, to basic
freezes. The student will understand that from foundation you can build and create your own style withing

Power Moves 101
Introduction to power moves, this part of the workshop is designed for the student to gain a better understanding
of what power moves are, examples include backspin, headspin, windmill, flair, airflairs, etc. A.K. will touch base
with the basic power moves and how to properly train to get these moves.

The art of Blow-ups and Freezes
A.K.'s specialty, Blow-ups are crowd pleasing moves, this part of the workshop is designed for the student to
gain a better understanding of what a blow-up is and how to execute a blow-up correctly. Freezes are anything
that stops motion completely and you hold a move for a short amount of time. Freezes require strength and

Transitions 101
This part of the workshop will help the student understand how to put moves together so they flow.  An example
set will be taught that includes toprock, downrock, a power move and freeze.

Battle and Cypher Tactics
You will learn how to battle, and how to cypher in a circle. This part of the workshop is designed for the student
to learn what a battle is, how to battle.  The student will also learn what a cypher is, this part of the workshop will
make the student a stronger freestyle dancer.

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